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Business Acquisitions

Acquiring a business may be part of your businesses growth plan and may arise as part of a acquisition search strategy or in an opportunity that arises unexpectedly. In both scenarios TIG Corporate Finance can assist by:

– compiling a detailed search for potential target businesses using research techniques and an extensive national and international contact base;

– assisting with initial conversations and meetings with target companies;

– using information provided to prepare a business valuation and agreeing and preparing an indicative offer;

– working alongside you to negotiate a price suitable to both parties;

– working with you during any due diligence process on the target business; and

– assisting with the project management of the legal and completion process through to completion.

A business can need funding for a number of reasons such as ambitious growth plans, capital expenditure requirements, a one off project or even just survival. TIG can assist your business in a number of ways:

– preparation of integrated forecasts to identify the funding requirements;

– preparation of a detailed business plan to present to potential funders;

– identifying the right funding strategy for the business;

– identifying and approaching the agreed potential funder for the business; and

– assistance with and/or manage any due diligence process carried out by the potential funder.

If your fundraising project does not require the expertise offered by TIG we will be prepared to introduce your business to a relevant advisor or funder using our extensive network of contacts.

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